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Supporting humans in creating  fulfilling lives


Number of coaching sessions held

(as of June 2024)​​

"I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to work with Anton. He was instrumental in my personal and leadership journey in the last 6 months. He helped and challenged me to really think about what matters and how I can take practical steps towards achieving what I want and overcoming my fears/emotions holding me back. Super recommend Anton, believe he is an amazing coach who can leave a long-lasting impact on his coachees."

- Mark

Finance director

"The ability to deliver thought-provoking comments that let me discover the answers or ways of thinking that move my journey along has been amazing.​"

- Stefanie

HR business partner

"The encouragement to explore an undefined idea and uncover a goal that speaks highly to my values was powerful. The coach's questions hit the nail on the head and gave me valuable insights into myself and opportunities. The coaching sessions are helping me personally and professionally."


- Bernard

Sustainability lead

En about me



For over 18 years I have been aligning creative and business teams to bring their visions to life, first with business & IT, later in the commercial arts industry and now through coaching. My clients include BBC & Amazon Studios, GQ, Elle, Chanel, Givenchy, Armani Beauty, Vogue, Roche, Calzedonia, Allianz, Unilever, Sony, Saab and many individual contributors.

My work, be it coaching or workshop facilitation, is shaped by the experience of having lived among various cultures in Turkmenistan, USA, Australia, France and Russia and having worked professionally across several industries and in various roles, from assistant to founder to partner to project collaborator.

Coaching approach

My job is to support and challenge people in their self-expression, both professionally and personally. One of the modalities I do this through is coaching, which speaks to my heart. As a coach, I get to work with you as you explore yourself as a human and the application of yourself in this world. Of course, we also work on your skills & mental muscles, but that is done in order to serve your self-expression in a way that is creative and net positive.

About goals and inner dialogue

I believe our goals need to excite us, be aligned with who we are and make us somewhat nervous. While my clients are reaching for those goals, I invite them to pay attention to their inner dialogue, because it is this dialogue that impacts how we react to both successes and failures, how our relationships are shaped and what goals we set in the first place.​

Deep inner work

I know that deep coaching work has been carried out when my clients fall in love with all parts of themselves, sometimes again, sometimes for the first time, and are able to integrate all that they have, whether it is processed anger or enthusiasm, to act boldly and with humility.


PCC ICF, CPCC, M.Psych in Executive Coaching

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Coaching 1:1

Individual coaching aimed at reaching your goals that are aligned with your genuine self-expression.

Clifton Strengths

debrief session of your Clifton Strengths profile to discover the mix of your natural talents and how to maximise your impact at work.


For individuals & teams.

Leadership Circle Profile

A debrief session of your LCP results to understand what stressors cause you to collapse into reactive tendencies and what you can do to recover into effective leadership.


For individuals & teams.

Group workshops

From one-off consultations to full design and delivery of programs.

En Working with me
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