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Your True Story in 4 weeks
Starting in January 2021
A 4-week online program
True Story Program: Event
The program has started. Get in touch if you want to join the next intake and we will inform you of upcoming dates.

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Wheat Field


We love to tell and to hear stories. When we tell our story, we want to have full ownership of it, i.e. be THE AUTHOR of your own life, not someone else create it for you and make you follow the artificial scenario that has little to do with who you truly are, if anything at all.


The purpose of this work is to help you connect to who you truly are – that amazing talented unique human being who came to this world to consciously create your very own unique True Story.


We are conditioned to believe what it means to live a good life and chasing it we often lose connection to our true self and abandon our True Story.


The steps in this program follow a typical path of a human from childhood to adulthood. We will help you recognize that you actually have been living all three stories – Victim and Striver Stories and your True Story. You will see in which story you typically “hang out” most of your time.


Step by step, we will guide you towards expanding your awareness around your True Story so you can CONSCIOUSLY choose to follow that path.


It is a fascinating journey to yourself, just like German write Nobel Prize winner said, “Destiny is the path towards ourselves. A path that we walk on every day to get to know ourselves better.

Some people understand that right away, others waste their time without realizing it.”

True Story Program: About


28 days

First material and exercises will be sent on 1 week before the start of the program

Please make yourself available for all three calls as scheduled since they are important for full integration of the program.

Otherwise, just let us know and we will adapt.


Week 1

Group call to deepen learning
*January, dates TBA

In the first week you will learn to recognise your victim story, where it comes from, what it is trying to tell you and how you can integrate it into your life. Please allocate some time on the weekend to complete the exercises, which will cover major events in your life.


Week 2

Group call to deepen learning
*January, dates TBA

Week 2. Seeing your Striver story for the first time is an exciting and extremely revealing process. Where have you been trying to prove in your life? Do you control it or does the story control you? Once recognised, you will experience a sense of relief, a feeling of "Wow, can it actually be different?". It can. Wait until you start to uncover signs of you True Story!


Week 3

Group call to deepen learning

*January, dates TBA

Welcome to your True Story. Whether you know it or not, you have left traces of your purest expression throughout your life. In this week we will guide you on the path of self re-discovery. Get ready to fall in love with yourself once again.


Week 4

Group call to deepen learning

*January, dates TBA

In week four we will dive deeper into putting all this knowledge into practice and invite you to try shifting between the three Stories where it matters most on your life.

True Story Program: List



Leonid Frolov


I am a coach and facilitator and I work with people who are committed to expressing themselves fully and authentically. As faculty member at Co-active Training Institute, I train new coaches.

Credentials: CPCC, PCC

photo_2020-10-09 08.45.31.jpeg

Anton Zemlyanoy


I am a coach, a photographer and a creator of Talented-U (a place of inspiration and support for freelancers and part of my True Story). I'm currently undertaking master's studies in Psychoanalytical Executive Coaching.

Credentials: CPCC, ACC

True Story Program: Testimonials
True Story Program: Text

"I now recognise when I want to impress people instead of being creative and this noticing has brought an amazing sense of ease and sensitivity to my writing".

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