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Coaching is about exploring your potential and what you need to do in order to embrace it. It is also about taking charge of your life.

Coaching is a partnership. Think of this as if you've agreed to practice running with a trainer compared to doing it on your own. Both are beneficial, but I observed times and again how I myself show up differently when I am training with someone else.


Coaching is a journey of self-discovery, on which you will increase awareness of your strengths as well as your blind spots, align choices you make with your values and will be invited and challenged to reach for your goals.


Some of my clients come to coaching because they've stopped enjoying their work and want to feel on purpose again; others might be facing a challenge in a personal or professional relationship or looking for more meaning in their life. These are some, but not all, coaching topics. 

Most clients discover that their outer results (eg. quality of relationships, income, amount of self-expression ) are reflective of their inner beliefs. This is the realm of coaching – uncovering inner resources to create results that are visible, felt and measurable on the outside.


What coaching will look like for you depends on the unique partnership that is created between you and your coach (me). You will be different with each coach. ​So the best way to see what it could be like for you is to TRY IT.


Coaching: what is coaching
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PCC | CPCC | MPsych in Executive Coaching

After a 15-year career as a high-end photographer (clients include Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, GQ, Chanel, Givenchy and Armani Beauty among others), I learned something about myself – I love to create and to create with people. And when the number of books on psychology outnumbered those on photography, I figured this was saying something to me. And I listened. Then I asked myself some questions. And I listened again. At the time I didn't realise that I stepped into a coaching role for myself. I became my very first client.

A couple of years later, partnering up with a client to work on creating a life that they want, I found myself to be right at home. I thanked myself for listening to this urge earlier and proceeded to become professionally skilled. First with the largest and most respected coach training institute in the world – CoActive (CPCC stands for Certified Professional CoActive Coach), which I'm proud to represent. And then onto a master's degree, which allows me to dive with clients into their past to untie knots that get them to become reactive instead of creative with circumstances. As a coaching client myself, somewhere in the process I replaced my earlier Moto of "achieving in life" to "flirting with life". A small shift with an expansive impact. 

As a former photographer, I bring along these two gifts to my coaching: imagination and attention to detail. Imagining more fulfilling versions of life. And attention to detail in what you say and what you don't.

I look forward to witnessing the choices you will make for yourself during our work together.

Coaching: About me


Our work will involve:


We will start with clarifying your goals and what makes them matter to you


Often something will come up, including inner conflicts, that stand in your way


We will look at where you will need to adjust or expand in order to get to your goals


I will invite you to both succeed and fail forward while learning from both

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