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Your True Story in 21 days. Pilot in progress.
Starting 17 October
A 3-week online program
Webinar 3 Types of Stories: Event

*Register now and receive the best coaching advice that can help you or any of your friends during a difficult period.


What will you walk away with after 90 mins

3 Stories Modality

Learn how to navigate through your challenges using a simple yet powerful modality of stories

Better self-awareness

Learn how to recognise where your old stories are still impacting you today

Experience choice

Practice switching from victim to author mode in real time and experience the difference

Practical application

Walk away with specific actions to implement the learnings in your life right away

Webinar 3 Types of Stories: Text

We are always telling a story.

A story about ourselves, about the world and about our relationship with it.

First we tell it in our heads, then through our words, and lastly through our actions. Beneath everything that we do, there is a story being told first in our minds and that story impacts what and how we approach most things. 
What do you tell yourself about trust?

About success?
About money?
About happiness?
About self-expression?
About work?
About competition?
About relationships?

Answers to these questions are doorways into seeing what stories you believe (and therefore tell) and they usually lead to three type of stories that shape our lives:

A story about having been hurt (Victim Story).

A story about learning how to overcome that hurt (Striver Story).

A story about true self-expression (True Story).

We are here to help you uncover these because once they are, you will feel free to engage in healthy competition, to trust your inner voice more and to have compassion for your weaker parts.


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Anton Zemlyanoy

I am a coach, a photographer and a creator of Talented-U (a place of inspiration and support for freelancers and part of my True Story). I'm currently undertaking master's studies in Psychoanalytical Executive Coaching.


Credentials: CPCC, ACC



Leonid Frolov

I am a coach and facilitator and I work with people who are committed to expressing themselves fully and authentically. As faculty member at Co-active Training Institute, I train new coaches.

Credentials: CPCC, PCC



Register for the webinar and receive the best advice that Anton has heard from a master coach which helped him climb out from one of his lowest points

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